How to order

If you have found any interesting products or like to request for any other that is not found on our website just contact us or write an email to

Order quantities

Depending on the products you choose we can offer carton size quantities. However, some items might have a minimum order quantity of 1 pallet.

Product mix

We try to offer mixed pallets whenever possible. That means you can load different product cartons onto one pallet, which allows you to be more flexible ordering lower quantities per SKU. Of course, you can mix different pallets into one container as well.

Shipment origin

Most products will be shipped from our consolidation warehouse in Germany. You can choose either to order EXW Germany or to any harbour worldwide.

Order process and shipping duration

After your confirmation, we place an order with our suppliers to always get the freshest batches possible. This can take about 2 weeks until we receive the products at our warehouse. Export documentation and shipping papers will be done unless you order EXW. The ship will leave at the next available slot and depending on your location will sail for about 4-8 weeks.

Payment terms

Usually we only start ordering once partial or full payment has been received. For details and other arrangements please do contact us.