We would like to offer you the opportunity to make use of our long-standing product experience, worldwide resources and contacts and save your company a lot of time, money and effort. As your consulting partner on your side we can offer you not only the latest products from Germany and beyond, but also would like to highlight following capabilities to serve you better:


Worldwide product/brand search and trade fair and/or business partner visits

We can search and source special products or brands that you are interested in and visit trade fairs or potential business partners such as suppliers or customers partners for you.


Establishment of contract and price/product negotiations (on request for exclusivity)

Negotiations can be a time consuming and tiring process. We can assist you to get the best deal possible from your supplier.


Organization of shipments to the final destination (import-export)

Arranging shipments can be more complicated than it seems. Import regulations and required documents can be a unpleasant surprise if not handled with properly. We have been shipping for many years from Europe and the US to Asia and can help you to get your shipment on course.


Your link between manufacturer and customer

Cultural and language barriers can be serious issue that often leads to time and money lost. If you are or would like to deal with Europe/US or other countries, we can help you to overcome these barriers and be the link between you and your partners to save your business unnecessary headaches and time.


Advertising your products

We have a wide range of supplier and customer contacts that are always interested in new and exciting products. If you would like to extend your reach, we can promote your products to a suitable target audience.

We believe with your sourcing and shipment needs in one hand you will save on time, work as well as office space.
We operate from our office in Singapore and work independently. After our engagement you always have the option to handle everything directly through our own company or continue the process on your own.

Feel free to contact us or write an email to for and questions or requests.