Christoph Schlünder, the first company owner, descends from an old traditional family. For more than 540 years all ancestors (17 generations) were diligent farmers who always had a bakery of their own. In 1923 a bakery was added producing farm bread for local people.

Besides the traditional German breads, Schlünder also makes delicious Foil Cakes, Liqueur Cakes and special cakes, bisquits and cookies for the holiday seasons.

With a shelf-life between 7-12 months great German breads can now be enjoyed in any country without  any artificial preservatives, additives and GMO.

Organic Spelt

Organic Whole Rye

Gluten-free Whole Grain

Organic Sunflower seeds Rye

Organic Pumpin seeds

Yeast-free Whole Spelt

Organic Whole Rye Oat

Organic Pumpernickel

Yeast-free Hazelnuts

Liqueur Cakes

Halal Foil Cakes

Christmas Cakes

Easter Cakes