RUF has been making desserts and baking products for nearly 100 years that are ideal for every household – from a quick breakfast porridge and baking mix with rainbow sprinkles for the kids to an instant cream dessert you can whip up with milk. RUF uses only the highest-quality raw materials for their products and works closely with their suppliers when procuring raw materials. Get ready to whip up and enjoy tasty creations in an instant.


The porridge is full of complex carbohydrates, valuable nutrients, ballast and minerals and vegetable protein. As a hearty breakfast or a snack between meals, RUF porridge will help you stock up on energy, so you can get off to a flying start.


Bircher Style

Chia Almond

Chai Latte


Blueberry Yoghurt

Quinoa Tonka

For Kids

Apple Cinnamon

Cranberry Coconut

Raspberry White Chocolate

Protein Porridge

For the extra portion of protein, RUF protein porridge comes with up to 40% less sugar and 17g protein per serving. This is the perfect meal and an ideal source of protein – not only in the morning, but also as an energy source for in between and before or after exercise.

Caramel Apple Pie

Strawberry White Choc

Double Chocolate

Organic Porridge

There’s a good reason why porridge is so popular: this breakfast dish provides plenty of protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Oats are among the most valuable grains and are what make porridge so healthy. Since things can get a little hectic in the morning, we’ve got the perfect alternative to making porridge for you: our resealable large pack of organic porridge is enough for 10 portions.

Organic Apple Cinnamon


Power Pack

Chia Cup

Chia is one of the hottest superfoods of the past two years – and for good reason! These little seeds from the sage plant family really have something to offer. They contain lots of protein, five times as much calcium as milk and more iron than spinach. Chia can also be used in baking like grains or mixed into various dishes.

But it’s best in porridge or set desserts. The advantage in comparison to traditional chia puddings is that chia cups are easy to mix with water and ready to eat in just five minutes. They are also ideal for a vegan diet and more mindful eating.

Chia cups are available in handy individual sachets for home or the office in 5 tasty varieties: chocolate, chai latte, cranberry and almond, apple and mango and blueberry and tonka bean.

Blueberry Tonka


Cranberry Almond

Mango Apple