The company HUOBER BREZEL emanated from the idea of master baker Emil Huober to bake a crispy pretzel from purely natural ingredients that with even baking was “always fresh, always crispy”. The crispiest part of the traditional baker’s pretzel, the “arms” that are folded in the middle, became the quality standard for the company’s produce.

Emil Huober had already developed his recipe back in 1939 but could only start making brezel in 1950 in Erdmannhausen, a village near Stuttgart Germany. Since then popularity has grown within and beyond Germany as a perfect snack for bars, restaurants or to be enjoyed at home.

Mini Pretzel Classic/Chili

Chocolate Pretzel

Beer Sticks
Princess Pretzel Salt/Sesame


Grisette Classic/Cheese
Big Pretzel
Salt/Sesame/Bear’s Garlic
Party Classic/Pikant