MASKON is a reusable antimicrobial face masks for adults & children. The masks are made from premium anti-microbial fabric based on Japanese technology and standard JIS L 1902:2015.
They are specially designed to be used daily for enhanced protection (BFE 99,98%) and high comfort with stretchable ear loops. The antimicrobial use lasts for 30 washes, is water repellent and still easy to breath through.

It is made of soft cotton with comfort and flat folding for convenient portability and enhanced barrier protection with snug fitting and side seal.

All masks are individually packaged for safety and hygiene.  Since they are washable and reusable it is a very economical and eco-friendly alterantive to the disposable masks and offer good protection and comfort for the daily life.

Available as adult’s (one size fits all) and also children’s mask (for 2-7years old).