Sweet delicacies to melt away. The Schwermer tradition.
Sice the foundation in 1894, Schwermer stands for selected handcrafted confectionery products and highest quality. Since then and until today Schwermer creates many delicacies that sweetens up the life of connoisseurs of all ages.

Schwermer – that are precious pralines and truffles, finest chocolate bars, Königsberger marzipan and of course the legendary Schwermer Baumkuchen – for many the the ne plus ultra of confectionery art. Made according to old family owned recipes and with selected high quality ingredients.

Chocomio Java

Chocomio Ecuador

Chocomio Papua Neuguinea

Chocomio Costa Rica

Baked Apple-Orange-Vanilla-Chocolate


Chilli Chocolate Stick

Raspberry Chocolate Stick

Pralines Selection without Alcohol

Happy Birthday Pralines Giftbox

Chocomio Santo Domingo


Cranberry-Sour Cherry-Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Stick

77% Dark Chocolate Stick

Nougat Pralines

Thank You Pralines Giftbox