Nudossi is famous since 1970 for its nutty bread spreads with 36% hazelnuts, which excites everyone with a sweet tooth for chocolate and nougat. It also comes in variations with striped milk cream, coconut cream, cacao cream and without palm oil. It can be enjoyed at all occasions whether in a glass, practical small and big cups, a tube or in strips for easy portioning.

Hazelnut Cream Cup
200g / 975g

Milk Cacao Cream
200g / 1100g

Hazelnut Cream Glass

Hazelnut Cream Strips
6 x 12g

Nucado Waflle/Cookie/Hazelnut/Cacao Cream

Hazelnut and Milk Cream Cup
200g / 350g

Hazelnut and Coconut Cream
200g / 1050g

Hazelnut Cream Tube

Hazelnut Cream Strips
12 x 125g

Jumbo Waffles filled with Hazelnut Cream