Argenta is a traditional German chocolate brand that started in 1935. It is well known for its innovative chocolate creations made from selected quality ingredients. Argenta offers finest croutant, truffels, pralines, nougat specialties, marzipans and everything the chocolate heart desires all year round or with specials for Christmas and Easter.


Chocolate Apple Slices

Brocken-Splitter hazelnut crisp triangles

Choco Minis figures filled with milk cream

Marshmallow Farm Animals

Orange & Lemon Slices

Blueberry-Mascarpone Butterflies

Hazelnut Blätterkrokant brittle layered chocolates

Nougat Rings

Dino Eggs in colorful printed foil

Marshmallow Mice

Pineapple & Coconut Slices

Watermelon & Strawberry Slices

Chocolates and pralines with fillings

Cognac Crust Pralines

Min Minis filled with fine mint cream

Herrenbrände filled with rum, cognac and whiskey

Crust Minis filled with a fine alcohol filling

Easter Editions

Chocolate Orange

Eierlikör Trüffel finest eggnog truffles

Chocolate Eggs filled with milk cream and cookies

Chocolate Eggs filled with delicious strawberry cream

Christmas Editions

Winter Orange dark chocolate with orange flavor

Weihnachts-Elche filled with cocoa, nougat and milk cream

Zipfelmütze cream nougat cones

Zapfen Christmas cone filled with milk cream

Confiserie advent calendar with 24 lovingly designed doors with a tempting delicacy

Weihnachtstütchen nougat and chocolate cream cones