TWISST is the 2016 winner of the “Best New Non-Alcoholic Beverage” Gulfood Award,

The range of TWISST non-alcoholic mocktails, proudly made in Austria, consists of TWISST Mojito, TWISST Piña Colada, TWISST Irish Cream, TWISST Gin Tonic and TWISST Virgin Mary. These delectable drinks are packed in the unique Cartocan packaging, a ‘paper’ can which not only looks trendy, but is also good for the environment.

All TWISST mocktails are ready-to-drink and mixed based on professional mixologist recipes. Flavours are expertly blended to deliver an alcohol-free cocktail experience very close to the ‘real’ deal. Those who want a bit of extra kick can add a measure of the appropriate spirit. Nothing compares to the bar-quality recipes and professionally mixed TWISST Mocktails.

Quintessentially British, TWISST Gin Tonic can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. Sophisticated yet refreshing with a hint of lemon, TWISST GIN TONIC is a cool addition to any party or get together.

A frequent traveler with a preference for high altitudes, TWISST Virgin Mary doesn’t just taste great on the plane. TWISST VIRGIN MARY is also ideal for those with their feet firm on the ground who prefer a spicy tomato mocktail.

If you prefer a more mellow drink, TWISST Pina Colada offers a tantalizing combination of smooth coconut and fruity pineapple.

Zesty and refreshing, this non-alcoholic Mojito is the heart and soul of the party!

Cola with a twist…The perfect drink for lazy afternoons and sweltering nights.

The best after-dinner innocent pleasure, this smooth non-alcoholic Irish Cream is the perfect companion for winding down after a busy day.

Refreshing bittersweet orange flavour. This retro Italian classic is popular again and will quench your thirst in no time.