Šumi is a Slovenian candy manufacturer with a long tradition of candies since 1876. You can choose from a big variety of hard, chewy, gum/ jelly and herbal candies that are made of natural juices, without artificial colours and aromas, numerous vitamins and minerals, super fruits and functional ingredients.


FruFru Fruit Power 100g

Mega Champion + tattoo 74g

Fruit Power 400g

Minis Tropic 90g

Party Mix Kids 300g

Minis Sour 90g


Fruit Jelly 400g

Friends Double Flavor 200g

Fruit Jelly Double Flavor 175g

Monsters 90g

Cola 90g

Sour Worms 90g

Hard Candy

Fizzy Apple 100g

Menthol 100g

Apple 400g

Vitamin C 100g

Mediterranean Menthol 100g

Vitamin C 400g


Mix 400g/1000g


Original 90g

Cranberry & Acai 90g

Eucaliptus 90g

Ice-Ginseng 90g

Blackcurrant & Echinacea 90g

Herbal Mix 200g